Demonic Underpants is the single most important development in the history of music since ANkST & ANkHS. ANkST bassist Gunther Oszloo, after his victory over seemingly insurrmountable medical problems, formed the band as a creative outlet for his own personal work. But it is best to hear the story from the man who lived it, Gunther Oszloo.


[Excerpt from Nose magazine, May 1997]

NOSE: Why did you form Demonic Underpants? Were you dissatisfied with the direction ANkST was going?

GUNTHER: No, No, I love ANkST. ANkST is my home, and eustachia my younger sister. But I wanted a place where I could just be Gunther. With ANkST, I am one of the cogs in the machine of euststacia's poetic vision. But what of Gunther's vision? Gunther's emotions? Gunther's personal saga? I needed an outlet for GUNTHER. Underpants is that outlet.

N: And how did you come up with the name "Demonic Underpants?"

G: I'm glad you asked that. It is a very personal name for me, and I will explain why. You see, when I was in hospital, doctors said I might not walk again. I did not want to be crippled, I knew I had to fight. But all the time I struggled, a little part of me kept saying, "Gunther, give up. Gunther, just lie down and watch Wheel of Fortune. Life will be easier if you don't have to walk." That was the part I had to fight against. I began to imagine that part as a little demon, living in my underpants. This way, when I felt the urge to give up, I could just yell in my underpants, "No, you demon! I will not give up!" The doctors and the visitors gave me many strange looks, let me tell you, but I kept yelling into my underpants. Then came that fateful day when I took my first steps since the accident. I walked across the room and threw my underpants away.

N: Uh...Ok...that's a very touching story. Can you tell us anything more about the accident that put you in the hospital? What's the real story behind the attack? 

G: I will not talk about such things. It is a very personal subject. No.

N: So, did you really suck off that Dutch choirboy?

G: Yes.

N: Just wondering. I think that just about answers my questions. Thanks for talking to me, Gunther.

G: No Problem.


The current line-up for Demonic Underpants is:

Gunther Oszloo: lyrics,vocals, bass

Sven Olafson: lead guitar, background vocals

The Insidious Dr. Terrance T. Trumpet: trumpet, glockenspiel

Ms. Bitch: saxophone

Joe Takahashi: percussion


Underpants' first album, Kickboxing Faggot, brings to life a plethora of emotions and desires. From the haunting viking love ballads to the in-your-face viking war chants, Faggot shows us a whole new side of the one and only Gunther Oszloo. More importantly, this album reveals Gunther's previously hidden talent as a singer. His strong, pure voice strikes keys too dangerous for mere mortals to attempt. Gunther's music is about strength, determination, and a pride in one's heritage. Even if you're not a fan of ANkST & ANkHS, you should beg your local music store to sell you this work of art.